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Sharing4Hope is a unique app that connects you with others in your local community and beyond. Whether you need someone to help walk your dog, or you have essential items that you would like to share with others, the interactive map shows you all offers and requests for help in your area, including:

- Books

- Classes

- Mobility

- Online classes

- Pet walking

and others...

Plus, with our built-in chat feature, you can communicate with other users all over the world, sharing hope and positivity with friends and strangers alike.

The App

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Sharing4Hope is a completely free app and always will be. It developed in the spirit of sharing and community.
Looking4hope is a feature within the app that enables users to ask for help. The user can request help through an interactive map. Furthermore, the user can communicate with other users through an internal chat in the app itself.
Sharing4hope is a feature for users who want to share something with somebody else in their community. All communication takes place within the app itself and users can also see requests for help on the interactive map.
No – all donations are made by the app users themselves. Sharing4Hope acts as a communication channel and facilitator for these donations to happen.
Sharing4Hope is available for Android and iOS. The download is free and always will be.

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It would be great to hear from you! You can get in touch with us via email at

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